Car line Procedures

New Carline Procedures
  • Beginning on Monday, April 5, 2021, with the morning carline, we are changing the carline procedure for our morning and afternoon carlines. This change is being made in hopes of reducing congestion on Hadden Road, as well as help the lines operate more efficiently.

    The road you normally enter on will now be one way. No one will exit on the road behind the baseball field anymore.

    Cars using NORTH carline will need to use the RIGHT LANE ONLY!!! Once in the right lane, continue to your carline as normal.

    Cars using SOUTH carline will use the LEFT LANE ONLY!!! After picking up your student, you will then turn RIGHT at the baseball clubhouse, and exit via the new road connecting to the baseball parking lot. PLEASE USE EXTRA CAUTION WHEN DRIVING THIS NEW ROUTE!

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we enact these new procedures to help the lines flow more efficiently, while still keeping your child’s safety our #1 priority.

  • MORNING Car line beings at 7:15am. Students do not have proper supervision on campus until 7:15. Please remember, our rules are for your child’s SAFETY!


    North Car line (by the Town Hall)– this is for students that ride Daycare Vans and parents driving NORTH when they leave the school. You are ONLY allowed to turn RIGHT onto County Road 203 as you exit the school from the North car line. RIGHT TURN ONLY! If you are turning left you are holding everyone else up and need to use SOUTH car line.


    South Car line (By the RES Lunchroom)– This is for students/parents heading SOUTH after they leave RES.


    SAFETY: Please remember that RES rules and procedures are for the safety of YOUR children.

    If a school employee corrects you please learn from the error and correct it. We enforce our rules for the safety of YOUR children.

    If someone picks up your child in car line that is not on your pickup/contact list please update this list ASAP. Things happen and sometimes people are late and if this person is not listed (or does not have an ID) we cannot allow them to take your child, for YOUR child’s safety.


    Hang tags are mandatory to pick up a child in car line. We will NOT place a child in a car at car line if the driver does not have the tag-you will have to go to the main office and show identification.